One of the best words in the Hawaiian language is Ohana.  By it’s simplest definition, it means house.  Historically speaking, it was an attached unit onto a house for the mother-in-law of the family.  In Hawaii, family is of vital importance.  Overtime, the definition of Ohana expanded to mean a person’s entire support system.  Living on an island, you come to know everyone, and in a place with sometimes limited resources, you learn to rely on everyone.

Ohana was an important part of my life in Hawaii; the concept is something that I cherish and plan to incorporate in to my life in the Midwest.  Its inclusiveness and loving-helpful nature is something I plan to keep with me always.

Therefore, if you become one of my patients, you become part of my Ohana.  I intend to make sure that every single one of my patients grows to know this word and understand how Ohana feels.  I vow to make each patient feel truly supported.


Welcome to the Acu Pacifica Ohana! 

hawaiian house


Bringing Light and Aloha to the Midwest

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