Corinne Lysaught, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac

I came to acupuncture after an exhaustive journey with several major health problems.  I landed at the Mayo Clinic and even their help felt unsatisfactory.  I began a search for a sustainable healthcare model that would not only help me to recover but to maintain and prevent once I reached my goals.  I believed that this model should include a nurturing environment free of the judgment that I often encountered along the way, that to be this sick I must have done something wrong.  It is not for us as healthcare practitioners to judge someone else’s journey.   We do not know, sometimes the life lesson is digging your way out of ill health, not how you got there.

Maybe you made all the right choices, yet you are still sick.  That doesn’t mean you are defective.  I desire to help those that have felt that discouragement.  My best practitioners along the way were my cheerleaders –celebrating my successes and helping me to climb higher.  These practitioners believed that my healthcare was a collaborative effort.  I believe that the work I do is a team effort.  In creating an open environment and providing tools for patient involvement; I believe the patient can be empowered and achieve a new level of health.

I graduated with highest honors from the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii (now known as HICOM) and was licensed and practiced in the state of Hawaii for two years.  In 2014, I felt the desire to return to my roots and am now licensed in Indiana and Nationally  Certified (NCCAOM) as a Diplomate of Acupuncture.

During my four years at TCMCH, I also studied one-on-one with a highly-skilled Japanese Meridian Therapist and attended several seminars on Japanese Acupuncture, including ones for Toyo Hari and Shakujyu Chiryo styles.   Because of this unique education, I blend a variety of techniques in my practice, fusing Chinese with Japanese acupuncture.   Prior to attending TCMCH, I studied under a Naturopath in Indiana, learning vital information about nutrition and supplements.  I have also studied energetic medicine at length since 2001.

The style of acupuncture I gravitate towards is a gentle one, incorporating the use of smaller needle gauges, shallow insertion, and less manipulation of the needles once inserted.  In my practice I blend acupuncture with various techniques, including many styles of moxibustion, extensive energy work, dietary and lifestyle advice, Japanese non-insertive techniques using tools like the Enshin and Teishin, gua sha, cupping, tui na massage, and sound therapy.  While my training allows me to successfully treat almost any person, or condition, with all of the extra tools at my disposal I am uniquely well-suited to  effectively treat children, the elderly, and those that are afraid of needles.  I have effectively treated many sensitive patients without the use of needles at all!  Each individual is unique, therefore each treatment I administer is created with sensitivity towards any special considerations.

I have a special interest in migraines, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Having recieved my Bachelor’s Degree in Music in 2004 from Columbia College Chicago, I am also interested in vocal and musician health and have found that Chinese medicine is of astounding value in keeping my singing voice resonant and healthy!

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